Articles About COVID

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Educational articles about COVID covering a variety of topics and issues. Articles are published weekly as guest editorials
in the Williamsport Sun-Gazette.

Health Equity and the COVID-19 Pandemic

I knew a homeless veteran who lived in a homeless shelter. When I met him, he was unkept and appeared to be isolating. He would not eat or come out of his room. I sensed something was wrong, and sent him to the hospital.


Protecting Personal and Public Health

Prioritizing personal and public health is important but easily neglected. Our actions like activity, diet, and sleep have a direct impact on our body. However, despite this understanding, we frequently overlook the importance of habitual daily behaviors.


Happy New Year–With or Without COVID-19

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions anymore. I know myself too well. I know that I tend to make promises to myself that I can’t—or won’t—keep. Two years ago I swore to finally read James Joyce’s “Ulysses.” The dust on that book is two years old now. So, as we begin a new year,


New Year’s Resolution

Are you one of the many people who make a New Year’s resolution? For almost three years we have had to deal with COVID, but how we have dealt with it has varied. This year, we should all share a “civil’ resolution that we will keep through the upcoming year.


Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday and New Year

I recently found a Christmas card my grandparents received. Handwritten under the verse was a wish for them to have a happy and healthy new year. Healthy was underlined twicwe send a greeting to friends and family a Happy New Year. So why the emphasis on health?



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