Educational articles on a variety of topics pertaining to the COVID pandemic.
Articles are published weekly in the Williamsport Sun-Gazette.

Disinformation and COVID-19

We humans are social creatures, and so, in this time of increased isolation due to COVID-19, it is not surprising that many of us have turned, more than ever, to television, the internet, and social media. An unfortunate consequence is that as we struggle with the pandemic, we are exposed to an infodemic of at times misleading, unreliable and even malicious disinformation.


Primary Care Doctors Help with COVID-19

I have now been a primary care physician (PCP) in Williamsport for more that forty years. During those years, our community has experienced many struggles but, well, nothing like this COVID-19 pandemic. My goals are to understand, recommend and prescribe the best available care for each patient and to prevent spread of this illness in our community.


Making Effective COVID-19 Treatment Known:  Monoclonal Antibodies

When the former President tested positive for COVID-19, he received a single one-hour intravenous dose of monoclonal antibodies Three days later, he was discharged. Then, monoclonal antibodies were extremely expensive and not publicly available. Now, they are considered to be the most helpful treatment for COVID-19 infection, and they are free.


Vaccine Mandates Aren’t New

In a widely circulated image a little girl asks her mother about the mark on her arm. Told that it’s her mother’s smallpox vaccination scar, the girl asks, “Why don’t I have one?” The answer: “Because it worked.”

Pandemics are devastating, disrupting business, education, and government. They kill hundreds of thousands of people, and sometimes leave survivors with lifelong problems.


Which COVID Test Should I Get?

Most of us aren’t biochemists or lab technicians. Some of us can’t even bake because it requires too much attention to precision measurements (read: me). So, of course, COVID testing is a complicated, elusive mystery to 99% of us. I’ll do my best to make it as clear as I can. There are three types of tests available for COVID: PCR, antigen, and antibody. Okay, so, what you really want to know is, what test do you need?


Questions To Ponder As The Pandemic Continues

In pondering how you are doing in the midst of this pandemic, you know that none of our lives are back to normal. I have difficulty remembering exactly what normal life was like two or three years ago, before we heard of COVID-19. But masking and social distancing were things we didn’t worry about. We were able to visit family and friends at their homes or as needed in the hospital or nursing facility.



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