COVID-19 Is Still Very Much Alive!

Are you over 50 or immunocompromised (weakened immune system)? If so, please read this!
Those that fall in the above category are at increased risk of severe COVID-19 illness and death. Keeping up with COVID-19 vaccinations is the only way to stay safe for you and for all other elders in our community of Lycoming County!
As the Administrator for Valley View Rehab & Nursing Center, getting vaccinated is the most important thing we all can do to keep our VIP elder residents safe from exposure to COVID-19. Many elders have comorbidities.

This is a simultaneous presence of two or more diseases or medical conditions in a person that decreases the body’s ability to fight off viruses, including COVID and Influenza. We are so fortunate to live in a country where we can choose the best things for our health and well-being. It’s also a plus that we can choose to do this for others too.

Yes, the past several years has been challenging and at times unbelievable. Please believe in the science and the ability of the human body to accept the appropriate vaccines and in turn, protect you and others from this deadly virus.
I have a new granddaughter and her name is Isabelle, Izzy for short. She just received her first dose of COVID-19 vaccine at nine (9) months young. Her father, my eldest son Joe, has a PhD in Integrative Biology with a focus on Neuroscience. He has been conducting research on Parkinson’s Disease the past five years and is astutely aware of the science behind COVID-19 vaccines.

He has researched and trusts the peer-reviewed science and mRNA technology enough to vaccinate his only child. Our family is very thankful that Izzy could now receive the lifesaving vaccine!

In the past several years, I have said often that I need to ‘write a book’ about our experiences with COVID-19 and life in long term care. Unless you have worked, volunteered, been a resident or family member or provider of care in a nursing home, you may not believe all that has transpired on a daily basis!

Now this book has begun! I can tell you that we have all learned so much in long-term care since this deadly virus infiltrated/infested our facilities. This virus hit so fast and hard and with so much heart break after losing our dear residents to a virus that swept most the world causing 6,387,812 deaths of which 1.02 million deaths have occurred in the United States.
At VVRNC we have a large, beautiful courtyard. Last year we planted a Memorial Garden in memory of our beloved residents who passed away due to COVID-19. It absolutely serves as a healing, somber and respectful act of love for all.
Employees are wearing masks and eye protection as appropriate. Visitors and residents are wearing masks and social distancing. Employees and visitors must screen in daily, including temperature, as they come into the facility. Yes, we are finally getting back to the fun activities and some type of normal, but we are doing so very cautiously. Lycoming County has been in a high transmission rate for several months. There have been staff cases that have exposed some residents. Testing is being completed for residents exposed and for staff twice per week who are not ‘up-to-date’ on COVID-19 vaccines.
Please, please for the sake of all elders – your mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters get the vaccination that can and does save lives! Believe in the vaccines power – do it for you, for your co-workers and friends! You have the power – Yes – You! Use it wisely!
Remember that ‘up-to-date’ means the initial series of vaccine and first booster for those under 50. For those over 50 and immunocompromised, this means the initial series of vaccine and second booster. Get this life saving vaccine now and let’s all work together to bury COVID-19!

Michele Brague is the Administrator at Valley View Rehab and Nursing Center and has been a licensed Administrator for 24 years. She earned her Master’s Degree in Health Administration from the University of Scranton.
Published: 7/23/22

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